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Data driving profits, farms and Australian agriculture. How farmers collect, use and store data is what will drive Australian agriculture in the future, and everyone has a view on what opportunities are available. Economist and entrepreneur, Ros Harvey, is the Founder and Managing Director of one of Australia’s most successful startups, The Yield Technology Solutions (“The Yield”).

1 day ago

June update from Prof. Owen Atkin, Director, CEAT

With the winter solstice having just passed, I was surprised last week to find a near-ripe plum on one of the trees in my backyard! With the drought, heatwaves and hail events having limited fruit production during the summer, my favorite plum tree decided to take advantage of a wet late summer and autumn to

4 days ago

That’s a wrap on the H2O Hack

During the week of 15-19 June, the Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology (CEAT), at The Australian National University, in partnership with The University of Canberra’s Centre for Applied Water Science (CAWS), Bridge Hub, CSIRO and Charles Sturt University, with the Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN) as a delivery partner ran the ‘H2O Hack: technology to drought-proof the

2 weeks ago

Working together to solve global water challenges

The recent ‘black summer’ of bushfires and the devastating drought that preceded it has made evident the water management challenges facing Australia. 2019 was the driest year on record with nationally averaged rainfall 40% below the long term average. Fires over the summer of 2019/20 burned nearly 19 million hectares of forest and killed at

1 month ago

An update from Mandy Nguyen, CEAT Chief Operating Officer

I am so delighted to have the opportunity to join the CEAT team as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). As this is my first blog for CEAT, I thought I should share with you some personal background.  Growing up in a family home surrounded by rice fields, I have always had a strong passion

2 months ago

Innovate to Grow with CSIRO

Do you have a drive to understand how new technologies could create value for your business? CSIRO is currently offering a new, complimentary, Innovation Enabled Growth professional development program to a select group of Agrifood small-medium enterprise (SME) leaders.  This 12 week applied, online program will:  Provide insights into emerging technologies reshaping your industry. Support

2 months ago

An update from Prof. Owen Atkin, CEAT Director

Well, what a wild start to 2020.  Nature has reminded us how challenging the Australian environment can be, with a three-year drought and heat waves creating the conditions for a bushfire season that affected rural and metropolitan communities alike. Here in Canberra and surrounding regions, the arrival of desperately needed rain was preceded by an

2 months ago

Wheat breeding tool set to optimise energy use efficiency

Researchers report important progress in developing a new tool to realise the next generation of wheat yield gains. The tool takes the form of an index that rates wheat’s energy use efficiency (EUE). It can be used to exploit genetic diversity in a wheat plant’s ability to use energy from photosynthesis to optimise yield. The breakthrough

3 months ago

Citizen science to aid bushfire recovery

CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, is working with key agencies and community groups to support research underway throughout bushfire impacted areas. The Citizen Science Bushfire Project Finder website allows members of the public to contribute to projects ranging from air quality, to identifying and confirming animal and plant sightings while maintaining safe social distancing practices. People can

3 months ago

Untapped potential for animals to help reduce bushfire risk

A new study led by The Australian National University (ANU) has found that animals may be an “untapped” resource to help manage fuel loads for bushfires.  Lead author Dr Claire Foster said Australia’s recent summer has shown that wildlife can be severely impacted by bushfires, but the report found that animals can also influence bushfires in surprising ways.    “Large grazing animals – including cows, kangaroos and rhinos – eat large amounts of

3 months ago

Positive Impacts of COVID-19 on the Illegal Wildlife Trade

If you told me a few months ago that the world would have literally gone into lockdown because of a global pandemic – I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But here we are. At Wildlife Drones we have been working from home for over the past two weeks. Like many other organisations around the world, this has

3 months ago

Looking after yourself during COVID-19

Many people are now working from home to help stem the tide of COVID-19. While this measure is both reasonable and necessary, it does present us as a community with numerous challenges, not least of which is how to stay sane when only essential excursions outside the home are allowed. With this in mind, we have compiled

3 months ago

CEAT staff get remote

Due to new protocols in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19, CEAT staff will be working remotely for the next few months. Don’t worry – you can still stay up to date with our news via our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels, as well as our website. We will update these channels regularly so you

3 months ago

CEAT events postponed

Due to rising concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus, CEAT is suspending all planned events for the time being. This is in line with government requirements to cancel all non-essential gatherings. We hope to deliver virtual and remote activities over the coming months, and will keep this page updated. For more information contact [email protected]

3 months ago

evokeAG wrap up

Tickets sold out to evokeAG 2020, held in Melbourne and the biggest agri-food tech event in the Asia Pacific region. Well over 1000 delegates came together to discuss how innovation and technology can help solve the biggest challenges in agriculture, both in Australia and globally. Speakers included John Hartnett of SVG Ventures and THRIVE, Frank

4 months ago

Introducing Jessica Fearnley

Jessica Fearnley is a CEAT Emerging Leader, and received a scholarship to attend evokeAG 2020. Jessica’s love of agriculture developed in Year 8, when agriculture became part of her curriculum. She says that she had a fantastic teacher who was very passionate and it was hard to not to catch his enthusiasm. Jessica continued to

5 months ago

Meet Bobby Wen

Bobby Wen is a CEAT Emerging Leader, and received a scholarship to attend evokeAG 2020. In 2019, Bobby completed his Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of International Security Studies at The Australian National University, and is about to begin an Associate role at Deloitte. During his undergraduate career, Bobby has participated in a number of student exchange

5 months ago

EvokeAG scholar, Amellia Redfearn

Amellia Redfearn is a CEAT Emerging Leader, and received a scholarship to attend evokeAG 2020. Growing up in Sydney, there were few opportunities for Amellia to experience agriculture firsthand. However, her uncle had a farm, which is where Amellia’s passion for agriculture was born. She then attended an agricultural high school, where she discovered how

5 months ago

5 minutes with Matt Champness

Matt Champness is a CEAT Emerging Leader, and received a scholarship to attend evokeAG 2020. Matt’s interest in agriculture arises from the challenge Australia and the world now face to sustainably produce more food for a growing population using less land, water, labour and resources. Having graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science

5 months ago

Meet Bryce Cronin

Bryce Cronin is a CEAT Emerging Leader, and received a scholarship to attend evokeAG 2020. In 2020 Bryce will complete a Bachelor of Engineering in Network and Software Engineering at the University of Canberra. He is interested in the industrial applications of software engineering to the agriculture sector, with a particular desire to explore the

5 months ago

Introducing Jana Dixon

Jana Dixon is a CEAT Emerging Leader, and received a scholarship to attend evokeAG 2020. Growing up on a farm, Jana has always been exposed to and interested in agricultural life. This has led to a natural transition into agronomic consulting following her completion of a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Adelaide

5 months ago

Meet Professor Owen Atkin, Director of CEAT.

In his role as Director, Owen is passionate about expanding the career options of young researchers, particularly in the agriculture industry. He is also committed to building stronger relationships between ANU, CSIRO, industry and government. In March 2019, Owen was named the ANU Vice-Chancellor’s Entrepreneurial Professor in recognition of his work in creating an innovation

5 months ago

Emerging leaders to attend evokeAG 2020

Six emerging leaders in agri-tech have been selected to attend evokeAG. 2020 – Asia Pacific’s largest agrifood tech event held in Melbourne on 18–19 February. Sponsored by the Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology (CEAT), the scholarship recipients will have the chance to immerse themselves in innovation, connect with industry leaders and explore hot topics in global agri-tech.

5 months ago

CEAT supports Emerging Leaders to attend evokeAG

This year the Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology (CEAT) is partnering with evokeAG to bring six emerging leaders from across Australia to the two-day agri-food tech event in Melbourne on the 18–19 February 2020. CEAT is providing six young people interested in agri-tech, agri-food, and sustainable agriculture with a scholarship going towards travel costs, accommodation, and

5 months ago

Wildlife Drones helping to protect endangered species

In a world first, drones have been used to successfully radio-track critically endangered Sunda Pangolins in Vietnam. In November 2019, technology start-up Wildlife Drones collaborated with Save Vietnam’s Wildlife and the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Saving Species project, using technology that is revolutionising the way animals are tracked. Based at the Centre for

5 months ago

Resources for bushfire awareness and safety

The current bushfire season is one of the worst on record. Disasters of this magnitude can have wide-reaching impacts on physical and mental health. For this reason, CEAT have compiled a list of resources about the best actions to take to keep yourself and your family safe this fire season. Smoke Hazardous smoke from fires

6 months ago