Building Capacity for Responsible Innovation: Agri-Technology

In collaboration with CSIRO, CEAT is piloting  a Responsible Innovation course in May 2021. Emerging science and technology is creating complex issues for societies and their decision makers. Novel and disruptive innovations and technologies present significant policy, regulatory and ethical challenges, which if left unresolved, could constrain the potential for future science to deliver benefits to society now and in the future.

This course will focus on how to operationalise the concept through practitioner-focused experiential learning tailored to the Australian Agri-Technology innovation sector. It is a highly interactive course Led by CEAT Fellow and Professor Emeritus Janelle Allison, based on a range of learning experiences including group work, individual reflections, readings, brainstorming and collaboration. The course includes real-world case studies and authentic work-based learning, requiring participants to reflect on Responsible Innovation through the lens of their own work and experiences.

The course requires a 35-hour time commitment. It commences with a two hour synchronous introduction and subsequent conclusion session. There are four modules based on three-hour synchronous sessions and asynchronous individual and group activities.

The course is scheduled to be delivered between the 10th and 26th of May, 2021 online. We look forward to engaging with those who have already expressed interest in participating. There are limited spaces  still available, so if this course is of interest to you, or would like more information, email [email protected]. Additionally for those interested in further exploring or understanding Responsible Innovation, CSIRO’s Digiscape Future Science Platform and Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform  are running a one day Responsible AgTech Symposium on 27 May 2021, details of the event are available here.

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