Introducing Jana Dixon

Jana Dixon is a CEAT Emerging Leader, and received a scholarship to attend evokeAG 2020.

Growing up on a farm, Jana has always been exposed to and interested in agricultural life. This has led to a natural transition into agronomic consulting following her completion of a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Adelaide in early 2019. In addition to her consulting work with Rural Directions Pty Ltd, Jana also works on farm business management and industry projects for the company.

She plans to pursue a career as a consultant in both agronomic and farm business advice, working to find smarter approaches and innovative solutions to make primary production more profitable and sustainable. “The more I’ve been involved in the industry, the more I can appreciate how crucial food and fibre production is, and how important farming businesses are for regional areas. I now realise that the opportunities for agri-technology to shape the future of food and fibre production are endless. It’s an exciting time to be in the industry!” Jana said.

Attending evokeAG will enable Jana to gain a deeper understanding of what the future of agriculture might look like. She is excited to learn more about current and developing farm-tech businesses, and meet the brains behind them, while also gaining insight into possible future applications of technology in farming and agriculture more broadly. Jana hopes attending evokeAG will enable her to provide better advice to her clients on what, where, when and how agri-technology can benefit farmers, and the wider agriculture sector.

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