Nourish Ingredients funding announcement

Recently Nourish Ingredients, our newest CEAT Hub member, announced their successful initial funding round of $11M USD, co-led by Horizons Ventures and Main Sequence Ventures, two of the leading food-tech VC firms in the world. James Petrie, Nourish’s CEO says “It’s a huge step toward the realisation of our biggest goal – to bring to the world tastier, more sustainable fats and oils that don’t necessitate the use of animal products”.

Billions are being poured into the meat and dairy alternatives industry (projected to reach $100B by 2030), but sustainability is a key issue. Plant-based products have long relied on fats like palm and coconut, but their supplies can’t scale with demand, and their environmental impact is devastating. Improving the taste experience of alternative proteins is also critical to alternative proteins being adopted by people who love the taste of meat and dairy.

These planet impacting problems need a creative approach, and Nourish uses innovative thinking and their proprietary technology and fermentation processes to find a solution.

James continues, “Our goal is to provide the world with alternative proteins that don’t deliver “alternative” consumer experiences, as we know this is key to them achieving widespread consumer adoption. Nourish’s fats and oils will change the way the planet looks at this market by making their products taste just as good as the original, but better – and we couldn’t be more excited to be on the forefront of innovation in this category”. 

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