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Office, lab and hot desk spaces are available for agrifood businesses, from start-ups to more established operations. This is a unique opportunity to undertake your R&D alongside Australia’s best researchers, working together to secure funding, participate in knowledge exchange and build research impact.


On the hotplate

Rising global temperatures are putting pressure on our food supply, but ANU plant scientists are working hard to breed crops that can thrive in the changing climate. In recent years, extreme heat and weather events have had a major impact on the wellbeing and wallets of ordinary Australians. When floods in Queensland and New South

1 month ago

Director’s message

As we approach the end of 2023, it is my pleasure to announce two key changes to the Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology (CEAT) that will come into effect in the new year.  From 1 January 2024, CEAT will become the Agrifood Innovation Institute (AFII). When CEAT started in 2018, our focus was on addressing agricultural

3 months ago

Alison Bentley joins AFII

Scientists need to think and dream big if they’re going to support the agriculture industry to make the transformational changes it needs to thrive in our changing climate. That’s according to the head of one of Australia’s largest wheat breeding companies. Talking to the ABC last week, Intergrain CEO Tress Walmsley said the industry needs

3 months ago

Welcome to our new AFII Board members

We are pleased to announce the appointment of the Agrifood Innovation Institute (AFII) Board. The Board replaces the CEAT Governance Committee, and reflects the expected increase in responsibilities related to the governance and oversight of the Innovation Institute as it continues to grow over the next few years. The AFII Board comprises 10 members, including

3 months ago