Nourish Ingredients join the CEAT Innovation Hub

CEAT is pleased to welcome the newest members of our Innovation Hub, food technology company, Nourish Ingredients.

Nourish Ingredients is leading the movement to revolutionise how alternative protein products are made. Their work focuses on creating tailored, animal-free fats and oils that make plant-based meat, fish and dairy alternatives even tastier and more sustainable.

Because Nourish’s unique fermentation process is not locked by biology there are literally endless possibilities for the ways their fats and oils can be used by companies creating alternative protein products. And with their technology, the fast-growing alternative protein market no longer needs to rely on unsustainable sources like palm oil and coconut oil.

With the global population set to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, the future of food will rely on novel and sustainable ways of creating diverse dietary options, including alternative proteins. As the alternative protein movement continues to gain momentum, Nourish’s work in developing these products has the potential to make a significant impact in the long term.

As Hub members, Nourish are able to access the University’s capabilities and technological infrastructure in synthetic biology to advance their research and development in the animal-free fats space. They have brought a vibrant new presence to the CEAT Innovation Hub and we look forward to seeing their progress during their time with us.

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