New Agricultural Innovation courses coming to ANU

The CEAT Innovation Training Initiative supports the development of new skills and pathways for future innovators, influencers and leaders in agri-technology. In collaboration with the ANU Fenner School of Environment & Society and CSIRO, CEAT are supporting the delivery of a suite of new agriculture-oriented education and training offerings in 2021, ranging from Undergraduate to PhD programs and professional development opportunities.

Industry partners are invited to provide input on the graduate skills a future-ready sector needs, and to shape the development of programs that provide these skills. This will be a truly responsive program that continues to innovate and produce graduates who can service the industry’s current and future needs.

For more information students and industry partners contact [email protected]

For students

For undergraduate students, the ANU is starting a new ‘Agricultural Innovation’ major in Semester 2 of 2021. This major will be available to students studying a Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability or a Bachelor of Science. Examples of courses in the program include Sustainable Agricultural Systems (ENVS2023), Agricultural Systems (ENVS2024) and Agricultural Innovation (ENVS3042). Agriculture subjects will also be available to students studying in a range of other programs. More information is available here.

The ANU is also introducing a new postgraduate program; the Master of Science in Agricultural Innovation. This program will allow students to apply their existing non-agricultural technical expertise, skills, and experience to the real-world issues faced by the agriculture sector. Applications for this course are now open, and you can view information on how to apply here

A digital PhD supplementary scholarship program is available for candidates pursuing a PhD program in Science, Engineering or Technology at the ANU, where the focus of their research is on a collaborative project between CSIRO and the ANU in the field of information science relevant to the agriculture domain. Applications will open in 2021. More information on the scholarship program is available here.  Please sign up for the CEAT newsletter to be notified when applications open.

For Industry

Are you an agricultural or food organisation with complex challenges requiring multidisciplinary and systems problem solving approaches? You may be interested in offering industry placements or internships, or providing challenges from your organisation as student projects. There are opportunities to become an industry partner and work with CEAT and the ANU community to contribute to the development of our education and training programs, ensuring our programs meet industry’s current and future needs. More information and details on becoming an industry partner are available here.

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