CEAT welcomes Quantum Brilliance to the Innovation Hub

Quantum Brilliance is a start-up company building quantum computers with the ultimate goal of developing ‘QPUs’ that are the size of an accelerator card. Quantum Brilliance’s work has a range of applications in the agri-sector.  This includes increasing our ability to ‘replicate’ the natural world through highly complex models of relevance to agriculture that account for processes such as photosynthesis, energy systems, weather, climate modelling and climate forecasting. Quantum computing also has the potential to power and improve the capacity for remote sensing and high-speed imaging from space; acquiring long range high resolution, 3D images; and, increased connectivity in agriculture.  Collectively, such applications would bring a host of benefits to the agri-sector, particularly to farms and communities in remote areas.

Quantum Brilliance have been working with ANU researchers and other national agencies – including  CSIRO and Pawsey – to help Australian researchers become quantum-ready by exposing them to the applications of quantum computing, and helping build an ecosystem of users and applications. 

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