ANU-Agrifutures Australia: Space technologies for Australia’s rural sector virtual workshop

On August 18 -19 and 26-27 CEAT and ANU hosted an interactive virtual workshop on behalf of AgriFutures Australia to assess the future of space technologies in the rural sector and co-design an Industry Issues report to be distributed by AgriFutures. The workshop included participants from agriculture, fisheries, and the forestry industry, as well as government, rural RDC’s, research centres, commercial service providers and universities. 

Participants heard from a number of experts in space-based remote sensing, connectivity and positioning technologies, as well as producers who outlined some of the obstacles to the adoption of these products.

The format of the workshop focused on facilitated group discussions that allowed agri-tech researchers, developers and service providers to hear directly from producers, and enable valuable perspective sharing on all sides.

The workshop reinforced the need for technology companies developing products for agricultural purposes to co-design and engage with their end users to ensure the end product will be fit for purpose, and meet the needs of those working in agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

An Industry Insights report, along with further information about the outcomes of the workshops will be available in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime you can watch presentations from the workshops via the CEAT YouTube Channel.

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