Strategic Plan

As AFII our mission is to improve the profitability, sustainability and equitability of agrifood systems, aiming for transformative solutions to national and global challenges. We know that truly transformative change will require a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together our national university’s leading experts in both the STEM disciplines, and, critically, in social science, policy and regulation.

We have identified six areas in which we will be focusing efforts over the next five years.

  • Future Ready Crops: Improving crop productivity and climate resilience
  • Emissions and Climate Adaptation: Reducing emissions and increasing climate resilience
  • Biosecurity and One Health: Minimising the impact of pests and diseases
  • Bioeconomy: Capitalising on changes in consumer demands for sustainable food production
  • Trade and Supply Chains: Developing transparent, equitable and efficient food supply chains
  • Agrifood Energy Transitions: Boosting profitability/sustainability through renewable energy technologies

You can read more about our plan for the next five years here.