Research Translation Initiative

CEAT aims to enable agri-tech developers to successfully translate their research into a functional end-product.

We are creating an innovation ecosystem through which the Precinct’s research expertise and infrastructure translates into impacts for industry.

A key aspect of our Research Translation Program will be to form Innovation Project Teams made up of people across the Precinct in response to identified agri-sector challenges.

Our activities under this initiative are to:

  • Support the success and impact of industry-driven, interdisciplinary projects.
  • Provide incentives and support to connect researchers in the Precinct with the agriculture industry.
  • Form relationships with existing networks and research institutes to share knowledge and identify innovations applicable to Australia.
  • Engage in the policy reform debate to help build a common understanding of the causes and consequences of transformational change in agriculture.

We will increase industry-precinct engagement through investment into four sub-programs of high relevance to the agri-sector:

  • Resilient crops and communities
  • Rangeland production systems
  • Plants as factories
  • Digital agriculture

Image credit: iStock