Research Translation Initiative

AFII is growing an ecosystem where globally relevant and responsible agrifood solutions are co-designed, tested, commercialised and adopted. The Research Translation Initiative builds partnerships between industry, researchers and government to deliver industry-driven projects.


What we offer:

  • A one-stop-shop for industry to access the interdisciplinary research capability and infrastructure at ANU.
  • Business development support for researchers on agrifood projects.
  • Brokering of relationships and relationship management.
  • Formation and ongoing facilitation of projects.
  • Assistance with finding and applying for funding.
  • Business development support, including intellectual property arrangements, funding applications and partnership agreements.

We work with Innovation ANU to complement their business development services and provide support for projects in the agrifood sector.


Our unique approach

As well as a suite of business development support services, AFII offers a unique model of industry-research collaboration delivered by establishing Innovation Project Teams – an interdisciplinary team working on industry-driven challenges.


AFII’s project model:

  • Identification of an industry challenge, through consultation and workshopping to understand the problem and context. Workshops include a wide range of industry stakeholders, end-users and research disciplines to explore problems from different perspectives.
  • Industry challenges are matched to research strengths at ANU and other research institutes, along with delivery and trial capabilities. Agrifood solutions often require field trials on experimental farms.
  • An Innovation Project Team is created which includes industry involvement and interdisciplinary researchers working together.
  • AFII facilitates meetings to build relationships, establish common goals, and build engagement and support. AFII assists with organising appropriate confidentiality and intellectual property documents, and supports teams to identify and commit to milestones. AFII acts as a bridge between cultures as the Innovation Project Team creates a funding proposal (if the project will seek externally funding) or agreement (if the project will be funded by the industry partner/s and ANU).
  • AFII continues to monitor the project so that it can address issues as they arise, and for evaluation purposes.

Contact us at [email protected] and ask to speak to the business development team about how we can help you translate your research into a start-up or industry project.

Image credit: ARC Centre of Excellence in translational photosynthesis