Industry partners for current courses

Industry partners for current courses

The Australian National University (ANU) is delivering a Master of Science (Agricultural Innovation). To ensure graduates are future-ready, we are seeking industry partners. 

  • Do you have future-focused talent in your organisation?
  • Have you recognised challenges or projects in your industry that would benefit from a team of specialists working with you?
  • Do you want to take your problem solvers to the next level?
  • Are you looking for an edge for your career?

The Masters draws excellent thinkers from a diverse array of backgrounds, and teaches them to apply their skills, interests and specialisations to real-world issues faced by global food production, food security and tech/innovation in agriculture. Developing real-world experience and career-ready skills are the focus of this new program. We are excited to help produce graduates that fill the gaps in industry needs and wants.

The two-year degree in Agricultural Innovation is designed to help students learn how to apply their existing skills in multi-disciplinary group working environments, to achieve long-lasting solutions to agricultural challenges.

Working with industry is crucial if we are to develop future-ready graduates. Bringing different disciplines together into the one classroom is a step forward. Bringing knowledge from industry, the shed or field is the next vital step.

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Ag taught differently

A pillar of the Masters is that students work with a rich community of researchers, industry partners, policy specialists and producers as part of their education. Courses are co-taught with industry professionals, and include joint-internships and real-world multi-disciplinary projects, so that learning is about meaningfully addressing the industry’s big issues.

Our program is delivered on the premise that truly innovative education celebrates diversity, and that knowledge, skill, passion and enthusiasm for agriculture comes from many different places, including practical, cultural, and industry experience.

The program is just a first step in an exciting suite of activities ANU is developing to strengthen the future of Australian agriculture and we invite you to become part of this exciting new venture.

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Partner With Us: A community of experts at your fingertips

New challenges need a new way of thinking, and a new way of teaching. We invite you to join our community of diverse expertise, by becoming part of our program as an industry partner. We are seeking partners to:

Provide a platform to solve real-world industry challenges

We are seeking partners who are interested in creating placements and reciprocal platforms for our students to specialise their skills through problem solving within your organisation. Whether you are interested in offering industry placements, internships, fellowships, mentorships or competitive challenges to contribute to enhancing project development in your sector, we’re keen to hear from you.

Teach and meet tomorrow’s leaders

We are open to expressions of interest to showcase your industry or organisation to our students, either in our teaching material, or in person. The ANU Fenner School of Environment & Society is able to arrange opportunities for you to present to our students, and coordinate networking evenings and opportunities for you to attend and meet our Masters cohort.

Sponsor a scholar

By offering a scholarship or research stipend that is contingent on engagement with topics specific to your priorities and interests, we are able to pair the right emerging researcher with your interests, and develop specialised knowledge for your industry.

Upskill your team

We invite applications from those already working in agricultural industries who would like to further their studies. We are available to consult with you, your board, employees and leadership, to craft a personalised approach to studying agricultural innovation here at ANU.

Shape our program today

In 2020, the foundational academics developing this program were awarded a CSIRO grant to thoughtfully engage with agricultural industries, and craft our Masters program so that it continues to be built with industry demand and inquiry as an educational priority.

A key point of difference between this program and agricultural studies elsewhere, is that our program is developed in conversation with, and in response to, industry needs. Unlike similar degrees on offer from other academic institutions, this course intends to inverse the standard approach of focusing on broadly defined agricultural-specific skills.

Through these two key differences, the focus of the ANU degree will take the scope of disciplinary skills that potential students hold as the foundation, and provide a lens through which these skills can be honed and implemented in an agricultural context, to the benefit of the agricultural industry in Australia.

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Become and industry partner

Help us understand the skills and people you need to be brought into the industry, so that our degree program can provide them to you. To become an industry partner, please email us at [email protected] and we will be in touch.