Meet Bobby Wen

Bobby Wen is a CEAT Emerging Leader, and received a scholarship to attend evokeAG 2020.

In 2019, Bobby completed his Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of International Security Studies at The Australian National University, and is about to begin an Associate role at Deloitte.

During his undergraduate career, Bobby has participated in a number of student exchange programs to Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. Bobby has also won a number of scholarships including the Westpac Asian and New Colombo Semester Scholarships.

Bobby was first attracted to agriculture from a technological aspect, after realising that Australian agri-tech products have the potential to transform South-East Asian agricultural practices. He believes this is especially important given that the projected population growth in the future will mean governments and industry will need to develop more sustainable ways to feed and provide for developing populations.

Bobby plans to work closely with Australian farmers and producers to promote Australian agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture projects in the Asia Pacific. Through this, he intends to increase the adoption and commercialisation of Australian agri-tech in South-East Asia, particularly in Vietnam and Indonesia.

By attending EvokeAG, Bobby hopes to meet like-minded young people who are passionate about Australian agriculture, while building a network of contacts to work with in the future.

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