Innovation Training Initiative


The AFII Innovation Training Initiative supports the development of new skills and pathways for future innovators, influencers and leaders in the agri-food sector.

Would you like to become an agricultural innovator and build the future of food and fibre? We currently have opportunities for undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and industry.


Undergraduate students

By adding agricultural courses to your degree at The Australian National University, you can be part of the growing movement to sustainably feed the world. Agriculture is expected to be a $100 billion industry by 2030.

Courses can fit into degrees from engineering, computer science, science, public policy and more. If you are studying a Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability, or Bachelor of Science, you can also consider a Major in Agricultural Innovation.


Postgraduate students

Master of Science (Agricultural Innovation)

Our two-year program in Agricultural Innovation at The Australian National University takes a crossdisciplinary approach to Agriculture – meaning you can apply your existing skills, interests and specialisations, to real-world issues faced by global food production and food security. Applications are now open.


Digital Agriculture PhD Supplementary Scholarship

If you are starting or recently started a PhD at CSIRO and ANU that explores digital technology and agriculture, you may be eligible for a supplementary scholarship.

Expressions of interest for the Digital Agriculture PhD Supplementary Scholarships are currently closed.

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Industry partners for current courses

Become an industry partner for the Master of Science (Agricultural Innovation). Whether you are interested in offering industry placements, internships, fellowships, mentorships or competitive challenges to contribute to project development in your business, we’re keen to hear from you. Teaching and sponsorship opportunities are also available.

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Consultation on future courses

The Australian National University is currently developing an Agriculture Innovation and Food Systems Education Program. As part of this development we want to work with key players in Australian Agriculture, so that we can design and implement a responsive program that produces graduates who can service industry’s current and future needs.