Master of Science (Agricultural Innovation)

Applications are open now for the two-year Master of Science (Agricultural Innovation) at The Australian National University.

Seeking innovators and future problem solvers

  • How do we feed and power the global population?
  • Is technology the key to food and energy security?
  • How do we overcome barriers to technology adoption?
  • What do we need to build sustainable food production systems?

We need innovators to respond to a rapidly changing world. We need problem solvers to tackle global issues across industries. We have the technology and networks to build a sustainable future for everyone, but we need future thinkers like you, to develop these cross-cutting solutions.

The Australian National University (ANU) is looking for innovators from different industries who are ready to apply their diverse knowledge to new agri-food challenges.

Our new Master of Science takes a cross-disciplinary approach to agriculture, giving you the opportunity to apply your existing skills, interests and specialisations, to real-world issues faced by global food production, food security and tech/innovation.

A smorgasbord of industry professionals have come together to deliver a program packed with real-world projects and internships and you will complete the program embedded within a rich professional community of researchers, industry partners, policy specialists and producers.

Interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving are essential to solving agriculture’s future challenges, and a unique strength of our new Masters is the use of integrated systems-based approaches, in which innovators will work in multidisciplinary teams, translating research and theory into real-world outcomes, gaining industry relevant skills, and a deep understanding of industry’s big challenges.

The two-year program in Agricultural Innovation invites you to apply your skills through agriculture and systems subjects, alongside subjects from across ANU, including Biology, Commerce and Business, Computer Science (applied), Engineering (general), Environmental Science, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Natural Resource Management, Professional Practice, Science Communication and Statistics.

We want to help you to integrate and adapt your knowledge from different disciplines to food, fibre and energy challenges of tomorrow, opening up a new world of careers in agriculture. Agriculture at the ANU, it’s Ag done differently.

Apply here for to start a Masters of Agricultural Innovation in 2024.