Governance Committee

The CEAT Governance Committee provides oversight of CEAT’s governance, leadership and performance, and helps set the strategic direction of CEAT. Membership of the Committee is structured through a balanced mix of relevant skills, expertise and experience from within and outside the ANU/CSIRO Precinct. Members of the committee help to address existing and emerging CEAT business and governance issues, enabling the successful delivery of CEAT programs and initiatives.

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2021 CEAT Governance Committee L-R back row: Saul Cunninghham, Victoria Taylor, Lynne McIntyre, Lauren Du Fall, Craig Moritz, Keat Nelms, Sally-Anne Williams. Front row: Nick Birbilis, Owen Atkin, Mandy Nguyen.

Current Governance Committee Members


Victoria Taylor (Chair)

Non Executive Director, Hort Innovation

Deputy Chair, Rice Marketing Board for the State of New South Wales

Prof Ute Roessner

Academic Director, Research Initiatives & Infrastructure, DVC (Research), ANU

Prof Saul Cunningham

Director, Fenner School of Environment & Society, ANU College of Science

Prof Craig Moritz

Director, Research School of Biology, ANU College of Science

Prof Tony Hosking

Director, School of Computing, ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics

Dr Crispin Howitt

Future Protein Mission Lead, CSIRO Agriculture & Food

Dr Brent Henderson

Deputy Research Director, Analytics and Decision Sciences, CSIRO Data 61

Dr Sally-Ann Williams

CEO, Cicada Innovations

Prof Owen Atkin

Director, CEAT

Vice-Chancellor’s Entrepreneurial Professor

Group Leader, Atkin Group – Plant respiration in a changing world

Mandy Nguyen

Chief Operating Officer, CEAT