What Drives Us

The Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology is driven by the desire to build an agritech innovation ecosystem where world-class research and technology is targeted to agricultural challenges independent of traditional disciplinary boundaries.


A thriving innovation precinct in Canberra at the forefront of national and global trans-disciplinary agri‑tech solutions.


We build partnerships and capability to enable researchers, industry, government and end-users to collaborate and innovate.

Our measures of success

Our Hub is home to five agri‑tech businesses, employing skilled people to drive solutions.

We support ANU and CSIRO to collaborate with each other and industry partners.

In 2019, we delivered about 20 training and networking events.

International reach into 16 countries across five continents in 2019.

We help ideate and write funding proposals to support industry-driven research.

We provided about 50 university students in 2019 with industry experiences.