Gondwana Genomics successful in new research funding

CEAT Hub member Gondwana Genomics are excited to announce that they will be undertaking a new research project for Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA). FWPA have announced that they will be funding 10 projects worth more than $11 million to grow research capacity in local Australian Forestry.

Over a three-year program, Gondwana Genomics will be developing genomic tools to improve Teratosphaeria disease tolerance in eucalyptus plantations. Teratosphaeria is a fungal leaf disease that can cause widespread damage to eucalyptus trees and can lead to the abandonment of plantations. Plantations are more susceptible to Teratosphaeria due to their uniform age, structure, and reduced species diversity compared to native forests. It is also expected that the prevalence of Teratosphaeria will increase as a result of changing climatic conditions due to the impacts of climate change.

Gondwana Genomics will be undertaking research to show that Teratosphaeria can be managed by using genomic tools to breed for disease tolerance and to select disease resistant clones that can be used in forestry tree breeding programs. This project will also inform research into other pests and diseases that affect forestry in Australia.

To find out about the other interesting projects that the FWPA are funding, view their announcement here.

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