Bright ideas for a better Australia at Cicada x Tech23

Some of the CEAT team travelled to Sydney this month for Cicada x Tech23, to meet the innovators who are changing the world for the better by using technology to solve complex problems in society.

From a seed treatment inspired by Indigenous knowledge, and hydrogen storage, to light solutions for protected cropping facilities, and new plastics made from seaweed, the day was packed with promising ideas, discoveries and an opportunity to connect with bright minds from across Australia.

The 23 start-ups hand-picked for the event are on the path to revolutionise food production and energy, the way we treat diseases, our relationship with waste or how we interact with the built environment.

The room was buzzing with excitement and hope for a better, more sustainable and fairer future. Collaborating and thinking in systems, and ditching silos, were important topics for the day. All founders were invited to share their vision for the future. They all highlighted the need for bridging the gap between science and emotion and the crucial role of human ingenuity when we face major issues.

Many of the participants shared their concern that regulation that does not keep pace with innovation, and called for an improvement of Australia’s current regulatory system, to allow for a more agile innovation sector. The importance of connecting researchers and innovators was also discussed, reinforcing the role CEAT can play in the innovation ecosystem.

Attendees were encouraged to pave the way for this year’s 23, unlocking their networks, sharing knowledge or implementing policies and programs to help them thrive. And they did, building new connections through the day and starting what will hopefully become new partnerships and collaborations.

You can learn more about the participants and the event here.

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