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CEAT launches new funding program!

CEAT is pleased to announce the Strategic Investment Program (SIP). This is a funding opportunity open to ANU researchers looking to engage with industry partners . . . ...more


January Director’s Message

Last week, I drove from Canberra to Perth in a 12-year-old Fiesta (with my son, who has moved to Perth).  The trip gave me lots of time to think.  While watching temperate woodlands turn to arid grasslands, I reflected on a recent paper that discussed how research into science and technology is funded, and what such

1 day ago

December Director’s message

The summer holiday season has arrived – but for those on the Australian east coast, you’d be forgiven for questioning if summer is actually here.  ‘The Bureau’ (as they were hoping to be called after a rebranding that didn’t quite go to plan) tells us that Christmas Day will be warmer – so, there are

1 month ago

November Director’s message

November was an important month for space enthusiasts, with the NASA Artemis 1 moon rocket being launched into Earth orbit, following a few months delay. The Artemis 1 mission will test a rocket and capsule system that is designed to take astronauts to the Moon for the first time in 50 years. The November timing

2 months ago

PPB starts industry testing

PPB Technology’s Cybertongue device will be available for sale from early next year. It enables simple and efficient testing of the quality and safety of ultra heat treated milk. Founder Stephen Trowell said the business this month commenced trials of an alpha version of the Cybertongue with UHT dairy processors in Australia and New Zealand.

2 months ago

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