Harnessing transdisciplinary approaches to agrifood challenges

Harnessing transdisciplinary approaches to agrifood challenges

Half-day professional development opportunity for researchers and HDR candidates 

If you’re a researcher or HDR candidate interested in how transdisciplinary skills can be used to address wider challenges like those in the agrifood sector, you’re invited to join a free three-hour interactive workshop run by the Agrifood Innovation Institute.

Effectively addressing the emerging challenges of an increasingly complex world will require a transdisciplinary approach, which leverages the expertise of people from many different disciplines. This is particularly true for the agrifood sector, which sits at the core of many of the key issues facing society, including food security, health, climate change, resource use and biodiversity.

In this workshop, participants will be guided to explore how they can use their expertise to contribute to transdisciplinary approaches to big challenges; and how they can create or target research opportunities in the agrifood sector. Hearing from those involved, the workshop will discuss examples where researchers, including those with non-traditional expertise, have worked with agrifood sector partners.

When: 9.00am-12.00pm, Tuesday 21 May 2024

Where: Eucalyptus Room, RN Robertson Building (46), 46 Sullivans Creek Road, The Australian National University, Acton ACT 2601 Australia

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21 - 21 May, 2024

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Eucalyptus Room, RN Robertson Building (46)