Undergraduate courses

Undergraduate courses

Add agriculture to your undergraduate degree

Are you an undergraduate student at The Australian National University? There is a wealth of opportunity waiting for you. By adding agricultural courses to your degree, you can be part of an industry that is growing to $100 billion by 2030.

The global demand for food is rising, and pressures on the environment mean sustainable solutions are needed to meet that demand. There is a huge scope to make a difference to the world by adding agriculture to your degree, whether you’re studying engineering, computer science, science, public policy, or business and economics.

Three key courses will develop understanding of baseline agriculture practices, the systems that it exists in, and the global reality that influences it. Acquire this knowledge to supplement your degree and give yourself the capacity to engage in agricultural challenges.

The following courses are on offer at ANU for undergraduate students.

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Agriculture Courses

Sustainable Agricultural Systems ENVS2023

Agricultural Systems ENVS2024

Agricultural Innovation ENVS3042


Ready to choose a Major?

For students in the ANU Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability or Bachelor of Science, you can choose a Major in Agricultural Innovation. With a major in Agricultural Innovation you will have the skills required to solve the complex challenges facing the agri-food sector and society.

Agricultural Innovation (Major)

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