PPB ‘best in class’ at Australian Good Design Awards

CEAT Hub member PPB Technology has won ‘Best in Class for Medical and Scientific Equipment’ at the 2023 Australian Good Design Awards for their CYBERTONGUE® Food Testing System. Founder Dr Stephen Trowell attended the awards ceremony on 8 September in Melbourne and was on hand to collect the award.

The Australian Good Design Awards is Australia’s longest running international design awards and is held every year to recognise and promote the impact of design in our lives. It attracts cutting-edge design projects from across the globe, celebrating the very best in design, architecture, engineering, research, fashion, and social impact; and demonstrating the critical role design plays in creating a better, safer, and more prosperous future.

PPB Technology stood out in the Medical and Scientific Equipment class for the latest version of their CYBERTONGUE® technology – a revolutionary food testing system which food processors can use to analyse samples on-site in minutes, instead of sending them to an external laboratory and waiting days for a result. It allows processors to improve food quality and safety, reduce waste and increase supermarket shelf-life.

“Everybody cares about food and how fresh and safe it is. The problem with current laboratory testing is that, for a number of decisions, results arrive too late to make a difference. This is where the CYBERTONGUE® System comes into its own,” Dr Trowell said in his acceptance speech.

The CYBERTONGUE® was first developed by a team led by Dr Trowell while he was at CSIRO. Its latest iteration was developed in conjunction with Tricycle Developments, a product design team, and Xentronics, an electrical design team, both located in Melbourne. There was also specialist assistance from Advanced Molecular Technologies and AsureQuality Diagnostics.

Dr Trowell thanked those who have been part of their journey.

“A huge thank you to all the individuals in those and other organisations who have helped us reach this point. Truly it took a village to raise this technology. We are that village and we share credit for this prestigious award,” he said.

This is yet another feather in their cap in recent months for their CYBERTONGUE® Food Testing System. In June PPB Technology also won the ACT Region iAward and were nominated in the National iAwards.

Congratulation to PPB Technology for winning this prestigious award!

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