Research to Value Workshop

Research to Value Workshop

The Research to Value Workshop is a half-day program designed for researchers of all stages that would like to maximise the impact of their research by developing practical industry engagement skills.

This program teaches participants how to identify research to value pathways and unearth organisations interested in collaborating and supporting their research. Industry engagement can help researchers develop funding independence, research autonomy and a sustainable career pathway. Researchers can increase the chance of having real impact by focusing on solving problems external organisations care about.


  • Gain an appreciation of the system-level drivers of research engagement and impact
  • Discover personal drivers to engaging with industry
  • Practice and gain feedback on tools to help prepare for engaging with industry


This CSIRO-developed training is delivered by CEAT in partnership with CSIRO


06 - 06 Apr, 2023

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Forestry Lecture Theatre (FSTY T), Forestry Bldg #48, Linneaus Way, ANU