Welcome to the next generation of agricultural innovation.

Working together for a better farming future.

Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology

Australia’s newest agri-tech Centre, located in the National Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Precinct in Canberra, is committed to uniting scientists, researchers, students, industry and entrepreneurs to create a better farming future for all.

The Centre gives you access to state of the art facilities and equipment plus the opportunity to collaborate with world-leading professionals to support your endeavours. All this is within walking distance of the hub.

Join this exciting new community – and be the change.

The Centre is an initiative of the Australian National University and CSIRO, together with the ACT Government.



Building translation initiatives addressingkey gaps in the pipeline linking research with product development and customers.


Members of industry co-locate with researchers in a collaborative, connected community of future-focused innovators.


Fostering a culture of innovation in agri-technology through industry aligned seminars, training and placements .


Foundational partners

The Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology is an initiative of the Australian National University and CSIRO, in partnership with the ACT Government.

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